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ST & Profile Query - Batch

The Batch Profile Query is used to obtain the STs of a set of query isolates from their allelic profilles.


Data must be pasted into the web page in TAB delimited format. The first column must include an identifier (typically the isolate number), followed by the seven allele numbers in the correct order, as in the screenshot below.

NOTE: Demonstration data can be viewed by clicking 'Click here for example data'.




Click the button 'Click and Wait' to submit your data. If your allelic profiles are all already in the database the ST numbers will be returned, as in the following screenshot:



You can download a copy of these data in comma separated format, for use in Excel, by clicking the Excel icon.

Should any allelic profiles not match those within the database this will be highlighted in the output table, as in the following screenshot:




Unknown allelic profiles should be submitted to the curator who will provide an official ST number (see section XX - submitting data).


In the next section we detail the ST Query, which allows you to obtain the allelic profile of any ST, and to search for isolates in the database with allelic profiles that have defined levels of similarity to a query ST.


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