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ST & Profile Query - Sequence Type

The ST Query allows you to to obtain the allelic profile of any ST, and also you can output the isolates of the query ST, or isolates that have some defined level of similarity to the allelic profile of the query ST.

The latter type of output can be displayed using eBURST or as a tree based on allelic profile differences.


Enter the number of the ST you would like to query and set the desired level of similarity from the dropdown list next to the ST box, as in the following screenshot.




Click the button 'Query entire database' to submit your data. STs matching the query at the level of similarity you have defined, will be returned below the form, as in the following screenshot (these show STs and isolates that match the query at four or more of the MLST loci)


The first row (shaded grey) shows the allelic profile corresponding to the query ST (in this case, ST1), followed by isolates in the database with the query ST. The following rows show isolates with the level of similarity defined by the search criteria used (in this example matching the allelic profile of the query ST at four or more loci).

If more than three STs are returned the results can be viewed using eBURST, by clicking the 'eBURST' TAB below the search box, as in the following screenshot:



Alternatively, you can view the query results (again if more than three STs are returned) on a tree based on allelic profiles, by clicking the 'Trees' tab, as in the following screenshot:



Your query ST is highlighted on the tree in RED. As previously, options to the right of the tree allow you to zoom and change label and node size. Furthermore, you can launch the tree as fullscreen to view in further detail or save the image as a PNG.

In the next section we detail the eBURST section of the MLST websites

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