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Downloading data


Data in the MLST database can be downloaded in a number of formats.


The download page, shown in the screenshot below, provides the concatenated sequences of the MLST loci for each ST in the database (All STs), the sequences of all alleles at each of the MLST loci (Locus Sequences), and the information on all isolates in the database (Isolate Information).




The concatenated allele sequences from each ST and the sequences of all alleles at each locus, can be downloaded in MEGA, FASTA, TAB- or comma-separated (CSV) format.

You can also download the STs and allelic profiles from your query in TAB or comma separated format.(CSV).?????

Isolate information can be downloaded in TAB- or comma-separated (CSV) format
Not clear what is downloaded e.g. isolate information right click and save as .txt and below save all in Tab or CSV


Don't we need to download in Access format or is TAB/CSV fine for that???

In the next section we will mention briefly the presence of species-specific features of the MLST site which may vary between each species database.

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