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eBURST - Geographic NEEDS WORK


Geographic eBURST provides a convenient way to display the relatedness of isolates in the MLST database from different countries.


On clicking the 'Geographic eBURST' TAB, you are presented with two list of continents (which can be expanded to view a list of countries within each) from where isolate data have been deposited in the MLST database. The number of isolates from each continent or country is shown in parentheses.


The first country list we term as 'Base' and the second as 'Comparator'.

You can select one or more countries or continents from the base list and from the comparator list

For example, the following screenshot indicates choosing all isolates from countries in Oceania compared to those from countries in Africa.





Clicking 'Submit' takes you to the eBURST launch page. The 'Click to launch eBURST' link will open eBURST pre-loaded with the isolates from your chosen countries.


The colours used in eBURST to indicate the geographic origin of STs are as follows:

STs found only in your base country(ies) (Oceania) are coloured BLACK
STs found both in you base country and comparator country(ies) are coloured PINK
STs found only in your comparator country(ies) (Africa) are coloured GREEN

The following screenshot shows one of the clonal complexes identified in this combined population of Oceanian and African isolates.


The blue and yellow colours represent STs that are predicted to be the founder of this clonal complex or sub-group founders - for greater clarity, the blue and yellow circles can be changed to black from the 'Diagram' drop-down menu.


In the next section we describe how to download MLST datasets


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