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Policy Document

Last updated 30th November 2011  


The primary purpose of this Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (hereafter MLST) website is for the molecular typing and global epidemiology of bacteria and other microorganisms and for research into their evolutionary and population biology.


The websites and databases at are located at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London.

This site is developed and maintained by the MLST manager, David Aanensen (Imperial College). The reference for citation of this website: Aanensen DM, Spratt BG (2005) The multilocus sequence typing network: Nucleic Acids Res. Jul 1;33(Web Server issue):W728-33

Although our web sites are located at Imperial College, we see the MLST databases as a joint project of the microbiology and public health community and we strongly encourage all users to submit their MLST data in order to strengthen the resource. Since the timely identification of new strains is important for epidemiological purposes, we encourage the early submission of data to the website.


The results of database queries and analyses may be used and published by the users.  Indeed, we encourage the use of the MLST site for research and public health purposes. However, this website, and the Wellcome Trust, must be acknowledged in all publications. 

The preferred format of the acknowledgement is: This publication made use of the Multi-Locus Sequence Typing website ( at Imperial College London developed by David Aanensen and funded by the Wellcome Trust.


Although individuals may download the databases, copies of the MLST databases may not be used to produce their own publically-accessible database driven web server. Data submitters should be aware that their data may be downloaded and used in this way.

For reasons of security and accountability, we require that all submitters of data are registered users of the website and provide an email address or other means of communication. No password is required to use the MLST databases. We reserve the right to enforce stronger security if we detect abuse of the website.

The list of submitters is also useful for the purpose of discussion of matters of mutual interest and will be made available to any person on the list on application to the webmaster. 

The databases and ST and allele assignments on the official websites are the definitive ones and should be used in all publications.

We cannot be held liable for any misuse of data held on this site or for any consequences of errors, loss or corruption of data, or of down-time of the site.


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